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About VMDiva

Dr. Jennifer Koehl is a veterinarian practicing small animal medicine in northeastern USA.  She received her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  She has a penchant for story telling and is ferociously in love with her cats, other people’s cats, really…any cats. In her spare time, Dr. K enjoys landscaping, hiking, and cooking. She is published in Veterinary Economics Magazine and blogs on DVM360.com’s website.

VMDiva is a blog designed for veterinary medical and non-medical minds alike.  This blog contains a mix of information geared toward vets, vet students, and pet owners. It provides Dr. Koehl with a viable outlet for discussion and case presentation with highlights of the happenings in every day veterinary medicine. It occasionally rocks the boat. Dr. Koehl is fortunate to enjoy a profession where even the mundane and routine is interesting.

She has been happily married to Frank Koehl, Information and Technology Entrepreneur, since 2006. He is the c0-founder of Forge Software, an elite software development company. In December 2012, they welcomed their first child, Violet, and are madly in love.

They share a home with 2 cats. Fox is a chatty Maine Coon mix with a penchant for breaking and entering. His mistress is a blue fuzzy blanket. Miss Pigglesworth was rescued from euthanasia at Dr. Koehl’s practice. She is obsessed with any carbohydrate and is personally responsible for the death and dismemberment of too numerous to count bags of hot dog buns, multiple loaves of bread, and an unfortunate blueberry tart.

The opinions expressed on VMDiva do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Koehl’s employer or practice.

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  1. How peculiar! My boyfriend, whose background is information technology, has an orange cat named Fox 🙂 We are both ferociously in love with cats of all kinds.


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