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Another Veterinary Suicide Shines Light Into Dark Corner

October 06, 2014 By: Dr. K Category: Opinion

In the past week, the veterinary world lost another colleague to a brilliant mind, Dr. Sophia Yin, to suicide. Another high profile death shines the light in to the dark corner of the veterinary field the public knows little about; This profession can chew you and spit you out without flinching. Constant suffering, acting as the angel of death, and dealing with the owner economics in caring for a living being all press down firmly on our souls. Those more prone to depression can sink to the depths easily, without hope of rising above the clouds.

This article from Claws Carefully Sheathed highlights that weight we vets feel on a daily basis.


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I don’t have the answers, but I sure have a lot of questions and concerns.

2 Comments to “Another Veterinary Suicide Shines Light Into Dark Corner”

  1. I cannot help but think that part of the problem is the absence of open discussion about the issue. On the human healthcare side we are expected to “deal” with the sadder aspects of our jobs while continuing to smile and provide excellent care without missing a beat. Because this topic is now more openly discussed and researched there are now resources available and the stigma while still there, has been dimished. Obviously there is a critical need for resources in veterinary medicine, which begins with open discussion and additional research to identify the needs how best to meet them.
    It is a very sad and somewhat disturbing situation that those who care for the most vulnerable are themselves so vulnerable due to a lack of understanding and knowledge about depression and suicide within this profession. However, continuing to write and talk about it is a good first step in making necessary changes.

  2. Well said, CK. There’s been a lot of “sweeping it under the rug” that’s been done regarding the depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, and substance abuse medical professionals experience. We need to keep an open discussion. It may save a life.


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