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September 27, 2012 By: Dr. K Category: General, Just For Fun

Tumultuous. That’s how I describe the last 6 months in the VMDiva family. We’ve experienced so much change since the turn of the year and nearly all of it is exciting and wonderful!

As a general rule, I loathe change. Even good change scares me and exacerbates my ongoing neurosis and worry. But alas, the only sure thing in life is change and it really is better just to embrace it because just when you get comfortable…Bam! Huge changes. Huge changes usually reduce me to a wilted, blithering pile of nerves. But not this time. This Diva has stayed strong!

Bring on the Emergencies

I made the decision this summer to leave my veterinary practice in search for more mental stimulation and job fulfillment. Burnout is very common in my profession and I am not exempt. General practices daily doldrums lulled me into boredom and restlessness. I needed a jolt!

I’ve gotten my jolt with the pursuit of emergency medicine! Emergency practice always brings excitement even if it’s an emergency case of fleas at 2am. (Yes, seriously.)  I am thrilled to have finally pulled the trigger and pursued a dream. I suspect some very interesting case studies are on the horizon for you readers.

More Career Changes

Not only have I changed jobs, but my husband has begun a fabulous new position with room for personal growth and expansion. Two new jobs in 3 months? And I still didn’t melt into a puddle of uncertainty! We couldn’t be more thrilled with where our careers are taking us.

Saying Goodbye

One of the sad notes of the VMDiva family has been saying goodbye to some beloved pets. My dear Winston succumb to his many ailments and is sorely missed. I held him in my lap as he took his last breath. His neurotic, sneezing, snuffling persona endeared him to the soft spot in my heart for unthrifty animals.

In addition, my parents have lost two pets who held large pieces of my heart. The most loving, entertaining, and dopey black labradors you could ask for crossed their rainbow bridges this summer. These siblings, Jake and Rachel, passed within three months of each other leaving a void that may never fill.

Saying Hello

The biggest change of all: The VMDiva family is expanding! My wonderful husband and I are expecting our first child in January! We are excited, nervous, and going through all the emotions expectant parents experience. We can’t wait to introduce you to the newest addition of our family.


In Memory

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