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Baby Names Ruined by Veterinary Medicine

March 12, 2011 By: Dr. K Category: Just For Fun

Something’s in the water in my social circle; It seems everyone I know is having a baby these days (except your Diva). Two questions always follow. Are you having a boy or a girl? And then, do you have a name picked? The last one has been getting me in trouble.

Just like there are associations you make with people’s names that would prevent you from ever naming your child said name, you can run into a naming quandary if you spend all your time with animals. Do you hear the name Molly and think of a sullen-faced Basset Hound? How about a cat named Sophie? Bella, Max, Sadie? There are names I will forever associate with pets and are, therefore, struck from my acceptable lists of baby names for everyone. Hey, we all know I’ve got an opinion on everything.

Several weeks ago I was examining an old, crispy Siamese who was resentful of any and all restraint. She wiggled her way around the table, refusing to allow a proper ophthalmic exam. Her owner was helping me but was starting to distress over the exam. To assure her I was being a gentle as I could without allowing the cat to squirm from me one more time, I firmly held on to her  and sang, “C’mon, Priscilla.” Her startled owner replied,”Oh, am I not holding her enough?” Doh, I called the cat the owner’s name!  Read the chart carefully my friends, species neutral names are everywhere!

The changing roles of pets to child status has muddied the waters and a staunch name purist like me will be forced to adjust. But I’m going down swinging!

And just in case you missed it, here are the top Pet and Baby Names of 2010!

Baby Girls Female Cats Female Dogs
1. Sophia 1. Bella 1.  Bella
2. Isabella 2. Lucy 2. Lucy
3. Olivia 3. Chloe 3. Molly
4. Emma 4. Lily 4. Lucy
5. Chloe 5. Molly 5. Sadie
6. Ava 6. Kitty 6. Maggie
7. Lily 7. Luna 7.  Bailey
8. Madison 8. Sophie 8. Chloe
9. Addison 9. Lola 9. Sophie
10. Abigail 10. Misty 10. Lola
11. Madelyn 11. Abby 11. Lily
12. Emily 12. Daisy 12. Roxy
13. Zoe 13. Lilly 13. Zoe
14. Hailey 14. Sasha 14. Ginger
15. Riley 15. Nala 15. Ruby
16. Ella 16. Jasmine 16. Abby
17. Mia 17. Princess 17. Princess
18. Kaitlyn 18. Gracie 18. Gracie
19. Kaylee 19. Kiki 19. Zoey
20. Peyton 20. Sadie 20. Emma

7 Comments to “Baby Names Ruined by Veterinary Medicine”

  1. Bella is such a popular name for a cat that it seems people give it for the sake of giving it. I saw a big booming boy cat named Bella, with the owner admitting that she suspected it was a boy but named him Bella anyway.. . (He is one of those cats who arrive and refuse to leave, and get adopted.) Her biggest concern was what to name him, now that she knows he’s a boy. In hindsight, I should have suggested Bela. A good Hungarian name for a boy, and hardly any changes for her to make.

  2. A recent friend named her daughter Sadie. While I think it’s a pretty name, I can’t help but think of a Jack Russell.

    And there are about a million Bellas at my practice. Bella, Molly, Maggie. Jake, Max and Sam. We really are seeing a trend in human names used for animals. Like I said, I just need to get over my aversion.

    In the meantime, I named my tortie Piggles. That shouldn’t be showing up on the social security administration’s list of top baby names.

  3. We have three boy kitties, and all are “human” names – Ben, Oscar, and Henry. I know several pets called Bella and Max (and one Bela too!) 🙂 I really love names though, and I’m always interested in how people choose what they do – for pets or for human babies! I can see why you’d get confused though since many pet names are actual human names these days!

  4. I have also made the goof of calling the pet by the owner’s name..the worst was an owner named Dixie with a dachshund named Candy…just recently called a cocker “Clancy”, which is a great cocker name (I thought), but was actually the owner’s last name…Blaming it on my blonde senior moments…

  5. Nan, I once had a dog named Fred with an owner named Daisy. Yep. I screwed that up, too.

  6. Ditto the owner’s name for the dog. Big, male rottie. Owner’s name was Beau. Certainly that’s the dog’s name, right? Wrong. Boo to me. Thankfully, he was kind of ridiculous (the owner, not the dog) so I didn’t really care so much.

  7. Late 2 the Party says:

    Hey, under female dogs, Lucy shows up twice (2 & 4)!

    Of the 8 dogs we’ve had over the past 27 years, only one (the first one) had a name that wouldn’t be considered a “human name”. 🙂


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