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Your Dog Ate What? The Top Eats of 2010

January 02, 2011 By: Dr. K Category: General, Just For Fun

Dietary indiscretion can make for some good blog fodder. This year’s more memorable consumptions weren’t too hard to remember. I’ve left out the non-descript fetid balls of fabric, the shredded toys, bones, and rawhides due to their predictability and opted to let you in on some of the more ludicrous, dangerous, and enormous meals my client’s dogs have enjoyed.

Note: Labradors are overrepresented in this top ten.

10. One M&M

A panicked chocolate toxicity call always spices up an evening at work. But no, a solitary M&M is not anywhere close to a toxic-dose for Fido. For toxic doses of chocolate, check out this old Chocolate Toxicity Post.

9. Silica Gel Packets

The Animal Poison Control Center reports a large number of calls about dogs consuming these tiny desiccating packets. These little delicacies that come with your new shoes must taste great. Relax, this little nosh is non-toxic but can cause GI upset.

8. 50+ Pieces of Orbit Xylitol-Containing gum

This little Yorkie had a hankering for spearmint. What she didn’t count on was the dangerous hypoglycemia and potential liver damage from this outrageously high toxic dose of Xylitol. She lived to tell the tale and her owner has vowed to never have gum in the house again.

7. Feces

One of the most common complaints I get revolve around a dog’s proclivity to eat its own feces, other dog’s feces, any feces. Does it indicate a nutritional deficiency like some speculate? Maybe. Consumption an innate way to camouflage the dog’s presence in the environment? Could be. Does it taste good? Definitely. Another reason not to let Jake lick your face!

6. A Full Bottle of MultiVitamins

This proud pooch didn’t have a vitamin deficiency, just an apomorphine deficiency. We happily obliged, induced emesis, and Fluffy went home without complication.

5. Transmission Fluid

Perhaps the foulest smelling diarrhea I have ever smelled (yes, worse than parvo) came from a Labrador who consumed the remnants of a bottle of transmission fluid while exploring the garage. The mixture of feces and lubricant smelled like the tar used on telephone poles. Despite the cathartic effect, this guy didn’t miss a meal.

4. A bag of Cat Nip, Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees, and Styrofoam

If I told you this dog had no diarrhea, would you believe me? I suggest not putting your Christmas presents under the tree until it’s time to open them. While large amounts of styrofoam can cause an obstruction, this lucky dog simply enjoyed opening everyone’s gifts a few days early.

3. Tampons (Twice In One Year)

You’d think the first foreign body surgery to remove a tampon from your dog’s intestines would be enough of an incentive to buy a garbage can with a lid or close the door. I guess not.

2. Two boxes of Andes mints, 2 bags of Lindor Peanut Butter Truffles, 2 boxes of Pop-Tarts, and the box for a creme brulee baking kit.

This one goes to my parents’ three labradors, who diligently found their way through a closed door and consumed all of the above without consequence. A chronicle of all of their indiscretions is the subject of it’s own blog.

1. One bulk box of Cheese Its, one bulk box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, 16oz of Almond Slivers, 16ozĀ  of Raisins

Both of these labradors can’t seem to stop eating their owners out of house and home. These repeat offenders raided the pantry after their owners came home with purchases from a wholesale club. They pranced into our office thrilled to have their dietary indiscretions rewarded with a trip to the vet. They were more than eager to eat up wet food laced with hydrogen peroxide and savored their spoils – for about 5 minutes. Waves of nausea hit the ladies but neither would…errr…cough up the goods. Good old Labrador iron gilded skulls and stomachs. Activated charcoal treatments, IV fluids, lab work, and two days of hospitalization later I decided to crown these two with Top Digestive Honors for 2010!

3 Comments to “Your Dog Ate What? The Top Eats of 2010”

  1. Hilarious in hindsight, can be very stressful while you’re tending to them…

    Some of mine:

    Two spaniels between them ate a bag of flour.

    A puppy ate his owner’s antidepressant tablet (a serotonin reuptake inhibitor). He was already a happy puppy. But a curious puppy!

    Everyone’s favourites: socks, underwear, and pot. (I live in British Columbia, so that partly explains the latter.)

  2. Dogs will eat anything. Just had a call this week from a woman who’s dog ate a bowl of old potpourri. Really? I don’t even like the smell of potpourri let alone imagine eating it. Yuck!

  3. A dog boarding at the clinic I work in passed a string of Mardi Gras beads in the exercise pen one day. No one knew that he had even ingested anything out of the ordinary until that point.


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