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A New Addition to the VMDiva Family

January 02, 2011 By: Dr. K Category: Just For Fun

This past November I was presented with an all-too-familiar case of economic euthanasia. For those who don’t know, economic euthanasias are performed when pet owners cannot afford or choose not to pursue veterinary care for their pets due to monetary concerns. A 2.5 year female spayed tortoise shell prsesented to my practice with a solitary bladder stone. Her owners were going to euthanize her instead of electing a curative cystotomy.  These situations have arisen even more in the last few years of economic down-turn and are a very frustrating part of my job. My ethical compass couldn’t let me euthanize this wonderful kitty so I had her signed over to me.

Miss Pigglesworth is two months post-cystotomy and is thriving in our home. She was obese, weighing in at a robust 15.7lbs. Two months of strict caloric restriction and increased activity and she is down to 13.2lbs! Go Piggles! She’s our only female (and I am thrilled to have more estrogen in the house!) and gets along well with her brothers. We love her already and look forward to many healthy years ahead.

Miss Pigglesworth

Miss Pigglesworth

3 Comments to “A New Addition to the VMDiva Family”

  1. Adorable cat! Congratulations on a happy integration into the family.

    Let me guess – she was fed dry food.. ?

  2. I am not sure what she was fed, but I’ve learned she has a propensity for tearing open garbage bags and eating everything in sight. I have had her on a diet (I’ve even calculated out her caloric needs!) and she has lost about 3lbs so far. She’s a wonderful addition to the family and, like the the rest of them, takes to my husband more than me.

  3. Congratulations on taking in this pumpkin. Sadly, I know you won’t be able to take in every such case that comes to your door, but bravo for doing what you can. I have heard quite a few of these stories from local vets and am always pleased to hear how many of you willingly take pets from cash-poor owners.


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