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Open Dialogue on Client Interaction Expectations

June 30, 2010 By: Dr. K Category: Practice Management

I’m a follower of the adage ‘do unto clients as…‘ and believe the best business practices start with that idea in mind. However, sometimes in business, the “Golden Rule” mentality doesn’t quite cut it. My wants and needs as a pet owner don’t match the wants and needs of all pet owners. When I read this article by Gladys Edmunds of USA Today, it begged for reposting! It highlights the importance of open communication and proper training with staff.

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  1. As I get older, my Golden Rule has changed some…being a Veterinary Assistant is my calling, my career but I can also be short on patience and my employer says I sometimes get frustrated with clients that don’t meet my expectations with regards to pet care. But if I think to myself, when dealing with a difficult client, that I only have to spend 20 minutes with them, not go home with them, not marry them and try to send them out the door with some information, a brochure, or info I pulled up online for them (such as the frequently used Cornell Feline Health video links)…all of a sudden I don’t feel short of patience at all.

    To help someone take better care of their cat, that is always how I want to end my day.


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