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Free Antibiotics???

February 28, 2009 By: Dr. K Category: General

Is your local pharmacy advertising free antibiotics? Many in my area are. While I condone the judicious use of antibiotics, I am alarmed when seeing advertisements for prescription medications equating them to 5 for a $1 lemons and buy one get one crackers.  Offering a product for free removes any intrinsic value from it.  Antibiotic use should be taken very seriously.  With the emergence of Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA) and Multidrug Resistant bacterias (MDR), the medical community should only prescribe antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Animals and humans must complete a course of antibiotics as prescribed. Finally, medical professionals must convey the seriousness of antibiotic use.

Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work

Veterinary medicine has long been limiting antibiotic use. There are only 5 antibiotics used in food animal production and high level broad spectrum antibiotics are reserved for humans only.  Precautions are taken to ensure any food animal treated with antibiotics has no trace left in the system before it is taken to market. Small animal veterinarians should prescribe antibiotics only when warranted. I, for one, will NEVER give away antibiotics.

It will take the entire medical community to slow the development of bacterial resistance.

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