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January 18, 2009 By: Dr. K Category: General

Beginning the blog with a discussion of the end. Euthanasia of family pets is certainly the greatest burden Prvi of pet ownership. Pet owners, frequently at a loss for words during the death of their animal, often utter the same simple phrases. Many thank me for compassion and helping the passing of their pet. Many more state their belief that euthanasia must be the most difficult part of my job. I often console never daring to thread my ideas into such a sensitive situation.

As a veterinarian, I have seen degrees of suffering only imaginable for most people. I provide hospice care, see neglect leading to maggot infestations, watch animals starve themselves to death over weeks, and manage cases of “just one more day”.  Death is painful for most animals burdened with chronic diseases. Euthanasia provides relief of suffering. Many owners describe it as a “peaceful” process and express relief when it’s over. Then why do we wait so long? Why too often do I see wholesale NBA jerseys animals minutes to hours from natural death Veterinarian’s finally arrive at my practice? The answer is in wrought with complexity but comes down to human nature.  The human-animal bond is evolving such that pets are now considered family members held in the same regard as a child. This makes the loss of a pet equivalent to a human for many. Pets can also represent a passed loved one or cheap MLB jerseys any number of personal issues. Veterinarians are always trying to be sensitive to the underlying dynamic of the family which affects the decision. We know no owner wants to see a pet die. The truth is neither does the veterinarian.

I encourage veterinarians to be sensitive to the difficult choice owners make in euthanizing a pet. bancaire The veterinary oath states “the relief of animal suffering” is wholesale jerseys one of the highest responsibilities of a veterinarian. In turn, I encourage pet owners to provide a timely gift of euthanasia to an ailing pet. In truth, euthanasia is not the most difficult part of my job. Witnessing animal suffering is.

Goodbye World.

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  1. I lost my Haley last summer and you are right. It was like I had lost a family member. I still mourn her everyday. We didn’t get to make the decision of euthanasia because she had a terrible and quick set of seizures that took from us. Thank you for being so compassionate when you do take care of the animals!


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